Three Cherries has a fast growing reputation for being perfectly in tune with the needs and requirements of even the most challenging educational centre – just ask some of the schools we expertly look after.

“We had an lT problern that needed extra special care, attention and sensitivity. I had to have absolute confidence in who I asked to try and solve it. As a result of my previous experience with Three Cherries I immediately thought of you.

The feedback that I have had has been extremely positive. The objective that we set you was achieved, with virtually no fuss or disruption. What could have been a very big and very expensive headache was dealt with swiftly, diligently and smartly”.

Thanks Three Cherries

“As you are aware, we were very reluctant to move our support away from Three Cherries but had no option to because of our 24/7 requirement which at that time you were unable to provide.

We chose a well-known national supplier of computer equipment and services as your replacement. However, it soon became clear that although they could provide the out of hours cover that you were unable to, they could not match your services in any other way.

When you contacted me sometime later and said that you now were able to provide a 24/7 support, it was an easy decision to move back to Three Cherries.

I recognise that your premiums are higher than we have been paying, but to be frank, I had no hesitation in signing the new contract as I recognise the difference between Cheap,' and "Value for money". lnfact, it was me that suggested we have a 3 year contract, such is my confidence in you and the Three Cherries team!

May I please congratulate and thank you for the involvement of your company in our school.

Our school network and administration was in turmoil, with the most complex of issues and a network which quite simply, did not work.

The involvement of Three Cherries was the turning point for our school and you have led us into a clear, functional and focused future.

The professionalism, efficiency and complete 'can do' customer focus, throughout some very difficult initial times, has been extremely impressive. Your team has displayed very good and up-to date knowledge and no task has been too big or any short cuts taken despite the fact that for us, money is tight. As we now move into a brighter future, together with your company, you are showing that not only can you troubleshoot and solve very complex network problems, you are also very capable of working with us to advise about new pathways and future direction.

testimonial 4

We are a small consulting firm operating in Eastern Pennsylvania, in the United States. ln our work, we have come to rely heavily on our computer systems for retrieving data from the internet, completing reports, and storing and retrieving information from prior work. In the course of establishing our office, we had acquired relatively old computer equipment that was patched together in what purported to be a network.

As various things went wrong with it we worked with three different lT service companies in our area, each one charging more and producing less result for us than the prior company. Our parent company, Applied Market lnformation Limited of Bristol, England, recommended to us that we work with Three Cherries and that even long distance, across the ocean, we could achieve much better results.

We took their advice. Within days, Three Cherries had ordered proper equipment for our needs and had it on its way to our office. lan Vicker, and his colleague Ben Wheway, traveled to America to our office on short notice and in a very professional way, in a very short time, installed the new equipment and upgraded what was usable of the old. ln a matter of days, they had undone the damage that others had created over a period of months.

Since that installation, Three Cherries have maintained our equipment by way of internet connections. They have helped us through several difficulties, including helping us eradicate a virus that had infected our system. They have always been friendly, prompt, very professional in attitude and very effective in the service they have provided. We highly recommend them.

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