Our Name

Did you hear the one about the computer network support company called Three Cherries?

For many years, people have said to us “you have a crazy name”. If crazy means it stands out in a crowd, we’ll happily go with crazy.

It’s maybe not so crazy though when we share with you how the name “Three Cherries” came about.

One afternoon, 15 years ago, the 3 founders of what was then our fledgling IT company were having a chat with a brand guy named Ross Smith. He’d come recommended to us as someone who had the scores on the doors for helping SME business owners to punch heavier than their weight as they grew their business.

He asked us one simple question. Actually, he asked it quite a few times – in quite a few ways. “Why do you do what you do”?

Now, we were a bunch of techie guys who revelled in tech speak – but Ross was having none of that. For more than 2 hours he kept coming back to the simple question “Why do you do what you do”?

Then, around 5pm with all three of us getting a bit bored by then, one of us shouted up “We take the Gamble out of Computer Networks”.

With that, Ross beamed, packed up his laptop and notepad and headed hastily back to his design studio, muttering “Gottit’!

Over the next 2 weeks, we got on with running Computer Networks (Bristol) Ltd (great name huh). Then came the day. The brand team were due to come to our Bristol office to “reveal” our new brand identity to us at 2pm, on Tuesday May 2nd, 2000.

Three guys with slick, black “ad industry” suits appeared, sat down and smiled confidently.

“We’ve nailed it” said Ross, and with a nod to his colleagues the three guys took off their jackets to reveal white Polo shirts sporting the Three Cherries logo.

We looked at the logo, then looked at Ross and his team, then back to the logo…..and then the silence was broken by one of us saying “I get it… gambling right?”

“Three Cherries takes the gamble out of business technology”

Ross then went on to explain the emotional link between what for many would have been our first experience of gambling in the penny arcades and the new brand name of our IT support business.

And that’s the story of our maybe not so crazy brand.

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Three Cherries is one of the leading IT Support companies in Bristol and the South West.

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Our Name

For almost 20 years people have said to us “you have a weird name”. If crazy means it stands out in a crowd, we’ll happily go with weird.

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The Three Cherries team have an insatiable obsession to deliver
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