Wireless Network Security

Make your WLAN as safe as your wired network. Secure wireless connections, plus inspect and clean wireless traffic.

Secure, high-speed wireless solutions


We are able to specify leading edge Wi-Fi security

Wireless Network Security solutions combine high- performance IEEE 802.11ac wireless technology with industry-leading next-generation firewalls. As a result, they deliver enterprise-class wireless performance and security while dramatically simplifying network setup and management.

At-a-Glance Benefits:

  • Superior wireless performance
  • Enhanced signal quality
  • Increased wireless reliability
  • Fair wireless bandwidth allocation
  • Comprehensive wireless security
  • Virtual access point segmentation
  • Wi-Fi intrusion detection & prevention
  • Cloud access control list
  • Easy centralised WLAN management
  • Flexible wireless deployment options
  • Broad standards and protocols support

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