Call Logging

Call Logging - Audit or interrogate your call records as part of your data analysis, risk management and security.
  • Call Management Capabilities
  • Effective Call Cost Control
  • System Hacking Prevention
  • Sales Call Monitoring
  • Support Desk Response
  • Call Training
  • Efficiency Improvement.


Whatever your reason for wanting better control of what’s happening on your phones, Three Cherries BTT have the expertise to interpret your management ambitions and put call control – under control.


With graphic reporting and the ability to monitor every extension, you’ll soon see who’s making your phones work hard for you – and who’s not.

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Many of the UK’s most empowered companies, with the most productive staff, harness the benefits of CompTel Integration


VoIP telephones can lead to reduced costs, access to more features, and better call management tools.

Call Logging

Call Logging – The need to audit or interrogate your call records is part of the data analysis and security conscious world we live in

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