CTI / Computer Telephone Integration

Computer Telephone Integration - The UK’s most empowered companies, with the most productive staff, embrace CompTel Integration

Considering how to leverage the power of CTI in your business?

By partnering with many of the leading brands in the world of digital communications we deliver open architecture solutions that allow businesses to build communications systems that maximise the benefits of IP based “Smart CompTel” technology.
Access the widest range of communications channels available – email, telephones, video conferencing, web chat, Three Cherries BTT has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decision for your business or organisation.
We install telephone lines and VOIP/SIP telecoms systems in Bristol and the South West, helping you to communicate with your customers in the most effective way. Three Cherries BTT design, install and maintain seamless communication between your business and your customers.

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Many of the UK’s most empowered companies, with the most productive staff, harness the benefits of CompTel Integration


VoIP telephones can lead to reduced costs, access to more features, and better call management tools.

Call Logging

Call Logging – The need to audit or interrogate your call records is part of the data analysis and security conscious world we live in

Rapid Mass SMS

Looking to establish Emergency communication protocols for your School or organisation? Talk to the TexPerts.

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