Voice Over IP (VoIP)

VoIP telephones can lead to reduced costs, access to more features, and better call management tools.

There’s a lot of confusion about VoIP – we’ll tell you the facts

VoIP is great in all stages of a business, even in a new-start home office. VoIP can bring a whole lot of benefits, but does entail some investment and some change. So, is now the time for your business to go VoIP? We’ll help answer all of your VoIP questions.

How long is it since you had a new phone system at work? 3-5 years – even longer?
If so, you’re probably substantially overpaying for your line, service and calls, and you’re more than likely missing out on many useful new telephone features that help drive business efficiency.

Today’s “Smart CompTel” systems can have a positive impact on improving customer service, better employee satisfaction, reducing workforce churn and driving down absenteeism.

Upgrading your phone system could save you money and give you unhindered access to a range of valuable and exciting call management services. Our Business Telephones Team (BTT) will be happy to carry out a free system survey and explain all the benefits of “Smart CompTel” and VoIP to see what features and benefits you could quickly be experiencing.

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Many of the UK’s most empowered companies, with the most productive staff, harness the benefits of CompTel Integration


VoIP telephones can lead to reduced costs, access to more features, and better call management tools.

Call Logging

Call Logging – The need to audit or interrogate your call records is part of the data analysis and security conscious world we live in

Rapid Mass SMS

Looking to establish Emergency communication protocols for your School or organisation? Talk to the TexPerts.

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