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Our expertise in Educational IT, helps Schools and Academies in Bristol and the South West manage their computer networks efficiently - and on budget

We have the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to support your School or Academy IT needs

Over the past six years, we’ve expanded our area of expertise to cover the challenging world of School IT systems.

There’s many stakeholders at a school or academy that all have an interest in having a robust, reliable and powerful computer network.

School IT impacts Head Teachers, Deputy Heads, School Governors, School Managers, Teachers, School IT technicians and of course Pupils and Parents.

In a typical Three Cherries client school, more than 2000 people rely on us to make sure the school’s computer network is always up and running.

This means reliably supporting the School’s IT network, lesson to lesson, day to day, week to week and month to month, with hardware and software driving efficiency and end user satisfaction.

The centre of focus for those responsible for IT in Schools and Academies is naturally the quality, scope and robustness of Educational Technology and the delivery of predictable School Operational Excellence. We get that!

We also get that managing the school IT budget is often an occupation fraught with unpredictability and uncertainty. That’s where Three Cherries really stand out from the crowd.

Our Modular and Transparent approach to IT Budgeting and Annual Service Agreement fees for Schools and Academies, makes us a firm favourite with those accountable for accurate, predictable financial management.

An efficient IT network needs to be using the latest software patches and updates. Our dedicated School IT division will ensure that your network is always up to date and up to speed with the fast moving world of OS and app software.

We’re a recognised Microsoft Solutions partner, so you can be sure we’re always aware of the latest developments and bringing them to you speedily.

Schools and Academies that trust their IT Support to Three Cherries know we have the know-how.

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