“An apple for the teacher will always do the trick, If you didn’t study your arithmetic.”

Bing Crosby & Connie Boswell 


Protecting students and having Effective and Responsible IT Controls in place in Schools and Academies is a growing issue today.


  • Which e-safety issues should you and your pupils be aware of?
  • Do they access chat & other sites at school for educational or personal use?
  • Do you use technology to contact pupils – tablet or mobile phones – outside of school hours?
  • Do you know the guidelines for using school laptops at home and bringing devices into school?
  • Do you know what to do if you or one of your pupils are the target of
    cyber-bullying or negative online behavior?
  • What do you need to be aware of if you’re using the internet with pupils in the classroom?
  • What about IT safeguarding issues relating to setting homework or carrying out independent online research?

The specialist School IT team at Three Cherries have a suite of sophisticated technology responses to these and other Student IT Safeguarding questions.

Request a Three Cherries  “Apple for the Teacher” IT audit –
and get on with teaching safely and securely.

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