Modular Budgeting

School IT delivered on budget - with no nasty surprises

Modular Pricing and Transparent Service Agreements.
Unlocking better financial control of your School IT.

Experience has taught us that the financial budgeting process for School technology Support can sometimes be fraught with dynamic change and unexpected costs. This can, and often does, leave a nasty taste in the mouth of those accountable for delivering the School’s annual IT costs – on budget.

Some time ago, in response to that problem, we devised a much more appealing, transparent and predictable approach to how we calculate the annual IT investment for School IT

Modular IT support services can include:-

  • Pro-Active Network Monitoring
  • Anti Virus Protection
  • System Archiving and Data Retrieval
  • Wi-Fi/Broadband Support
  • Firewall Management and support
  • Hardware Warranty Assistance
  • IT Asset Audits
  • IT Policy Support
  • Mobile Device connectivity support
  • Frequent Reporting
  • OS + Office Update & Management
  • Pre-Emptive Maintenance
  • Remote System Condition/Incidents Monitoring
  • Server Maintenance
  • Telephony/IT Integration
  • Unlimited Onsite Support and Troubleshooting
  • Unlimited Remote Support

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