“As you are aware, we were very reluctant to move our support away from Three Cherries but had no option to because of our 24/7 requirement which at that time you were unable to provide. We chose a well-known national supplier of computer equipment and services as your replacement. However, it soon became clear that although they could provide the out of hours cover that you were unable to, they could not match your services in any other way. When you contacted me sometime later and said that you now were able to provide a 24/7 support, it was an easy decision to move back to Three Cherries. I recognise that your premiums are higher than we have been paying, but to be frank, I had no hesitation in signing the new contract as I recognise the difference between Cheap,' and "Value for money". lnfact, it was me that suggested we have a 3 year contract, such is my confidence in you and the Three Cherries team!

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